Hearing Jesus changes everything—even if you’re four years old!


I’m Sarah—a working mom of four (our fourth baby is due September 2019!). My life has been transformed through encountering Jesus, and I wanted that for my children. I refused to believe that they were “too young” to know Jesus!

So, I started making little pages for them to draw—uber simple prompts to let them know

1) you CAN hear Jesus!

2) Jesus WANTS to talk to you!


I started calling these little sheets “Morning Pages” and when I offered them to my Instagram family, they jumped at the chance to create these! In fact, we successfully crowdfunded the first batch of Morning Pages in 24 hours—all so we could give them away free!

Morning Pages Presentation.png

Morning Pages are simple little prompts you can hand to your kids over cereal or on the way to school in the morning.

They’re as easy and fun for parents as they are for kids!

I created these pages for my own crew of four because:⁣

1) everything changes when you hear Jesus for yourself, even if you’re “only” four years old! ⁣

⁣2) hearing Jesus takes practice—for all of us

⁣3) I needed something EASY—with three kids and one on the way, if it’s not easy and simple it’s just not happening ⁣

⁣Thanks to YOU, we've raised the funds to digitize these hand-drawn pages. Our GENEROUS community is giving them away for free; to receive yours, sign up below.

Plus, I'll send you a video with my best tips for helping kids hear Jesus!

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Morning Pages seem too simple, but the fact is, they’re invitations Jesus LOVES to respond to.

In my video, I share tips for getting the most out of your pages; I also share tips for parents who are worried their kids won’t sit still or won’t be interested. And, I answer questions like:

  • how do you know if it’s God’s voice you’re hearing, or your own voice?

  • what’s the single BEST THING you can do as a parent to help your child encounter Jesus?

  • what if Jesus doesn’t show up?

  • how do I answer my kids’ questions about hearing Jesus?

  • plus, stories of how my own family has been impacted by hearing Jesus for ourselves—even our youngest members!

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There’s nothing super holy or magical about my family; but we’ve found a way to invite Jesus into our homes and hearts and we’re all better for it. Because they’ve heard from Jesus, my kids have found peace and strength that they just couldn’t get from me; and I’m so thankful. We can’t wait to share these Morning Pages with you!  


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