Finally Accepting Yourself as a Working Mom // Work at home Mom Stories (Part Three)

valuable advice from successful work at home mom, Chaunie Brusie

Chaunie Brusie is an author and freelance writer. She teaches women how to build successful writing careers, and is the mother of 4 children. We talked to Chaunie about how she got started, and what's she learned as a work at home mom. 

This is part three of our Work at Home Moms Stories series. Part One. Part Two.) 

Stand For Mom: Have you always been a work at home mom (WAHM)? 

Chaunie: I’ve been a WAHM since I was pregnant with my first daughter in college. I worked as a nurse for a long time to support our growing family (I had four kids in six years), but slowly built up a writing career on the side. It took me six years, but I officially traded in my scrubs for full-time freelance writing in 2014, after my 4th baby was born, and I’m happy to report I now make more from writing than I would have as a nurse!  I write primarily on motherhood for sites like Babble and, and I have a published book about young motherhood and unplanned pregnancy called Tiny Blue Lines. I have a novel in progress that I hope I will finish this year, but again, four kids.

SFM: What's the most important thing you've learned as a work at home mom? 

C: It might sound silly, but it’s been very important in my life as the primary at-home parent of a lot of little kids: I’ve had to finally learn to give myself permission to love working and accept that it’s the way I operate. Why would I feel ashamed about the way God made me?

Working, and enjoying working, is not something to be ashamed of and I feel like that’s something I struggled with so long. I also run a writing course for moms to help encourage them to build up a writing career while having young kids at home because if anyone knows how hard it is to be in the trenches and try to connect enough brain cells together to write, it’s me and I feel you mamas, but I still believe it’s worth it and possible to make it happen.

I think so much of what holds us back is what we think we “should” be doing as moms and when you give yourself permission to do what you were made to do? Amazing things can happen.


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