3 Ways to Make Your Heart Stronger with Leslie Nwoke, MD (Stand for Mom Show Episode No. 10)

Heart Work Now Interview about work at home moms with Leslie Nwoke

When we talk about strong women, the conversation has to include Leslie Nwoke. But would it surprise you to know that this founder of a non-profit for girls with trauma, M.D., executive coach, and mother of two has encountered significant disappointment and personal failure in her own life? 

Here are three life lessons Leslie has learned about doing the heartwork that enables you do your life work--whether that's being a mother, a business woman, or all of the above: 

1. Press Into Community, Even When It's Hard 

Leslie is no stranger to the pain relationships and friendships can bring, but after years of working with girls who have experienced trauma and women fighting to gain emotional health, she explains that we need community.

 "I really believe there's only so far we can go without other people. There's only so much we can do without other people....we get to see an aspect of God." 

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2. Want to Crush Your Goals? Get Quiet.

In a September email to her tribe, Leslie shared lessons about stillness she learned from the story of Elisha and a woman whose sons were being taken away if she did not repay a debt.

Writes Leslie, "We tend to think our miracles will always be on public display, or that our best work should happen in front of others. But sometimes, our work needs to happen behind locked doors--to shut out nosy people, gossips, naysayers, and the people we compare ourselves to. There are no overnight successes in God kingdom. Before He elevates us, He always works on us—to develop our craft, grow our character, and teach us hard truths and great lessons."

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work at home mom interview with Leslie Nwoke, MD

3. You Can't Accept the Good Stuff if You Can't Accept Yourself 

Leslie teaches that true belonging with others comes first with belonging to ourselves. She writes, "cheers to the day I stopped waiting on your acceptance and accepted myself....and when I did, that love grew to a bounty of others who did too.

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Sarah Guerrero