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Eight years ago, when my first child was born, I thought it was unbiblical for moms to work. Eights weeks post-partum I landed back at work, and began to rethink everything I knew about being a woman, working, and motherhood.

Today, I have four kids and I work as a writer, entrepreneur, and marketing/social media strategist. I do not feel guilty about it anymore.

“I am more confident than ever that women doing work will change the world.” 

My family of six lives in Austin, where it’s hot (but not as hot as Houston or Laredo) and the queso flows like honey and the rolling hills are beautiful. They say, years ago, that a Texas Ranger could travel on horseback for days and still not see the end of the wildflower-covered hills.  

I’m committed to honesty because I see it as vulnerability. I tell the truth to myself and to you, so that Jesus can pull back the shame and the guilt so that we can be who we truly are—naked and unashamed.

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