honesty is my gift monthly letter

Honesty is My Gift is a monthly letter for women who want a vulnerable take on the things that shape us—work, gender, faith, children, memes, and so forth.

I will not live Instagram my bikini wax (ht Brene Brown) but I will share an essay I wrote my very own self each month (probably short, because I aspire to pithiness and a certain weighty gravitas).

I try really, really hard to be funny but I'm no David Sedaris so don't get your hopes up.

Also, I'm having a baby in September so if you subscribe between August and December and don’t get a letter, don’t be alarmed. Listen, I'm pregnant with MY FOURTH CHILD. I am tired. Mama tried.

When you sign up for Honesty is My Gift, you’ll also get access to past volumes. Some of them are real good.

Here’s one you can sample from June 2019.

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Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash